Websites especially for kids

Here is a website that Courtney Phillips, a mentor and tutor for a small group of kids in her local area who thought it would idea to add this to our page for the youth. Thank you all for this suggestion:

Here is a website suggested by the students of Health/FACS Cleary Mountain MS, Room 42 and their teacher Irina Ford - enjoy!

And here’s another new one:

American Philatelic Society — Free pamphlets and activity sheets for kids

Main page:

Free album pages:

Oceania Philatelic Galleries — Youth Collector’s Gallery

The Australian Philatelic Federation — Includes area just for juniors

Junior Philatelists on the Internet — Excellent Web site with lots of stuff for beginning collectors.

The U.S. Boy Scout Stamp Collecting Merit Badge Requirements — Lots of links to other pages

The British North American Philatelic Society — Stamp Collecting for Kids

A Custom Guide for Kids and Adults: Stamp Collecting and Philately
Young Stamp Collectors of America - YSCA

Helping parents help kids collect stamps

Support those who supported us at the youth stamp fair:

American Philatelic Society, 100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, PA 16823 - for our cancel.

American Stamp Dealers Association, 3 School St., Glen Cove, NY 11542 - for albums.

American Topical Association,P.O. Box 8, Carterville, IL, 
(topical pages in PDF form and general guide to collecting).

Claude C. Ries Chapter of the American First Day Cover Society (many first-day covers for prizes and other uses).

Kenmore Stamp Co., 119 West St., PO Box 331, Milford, NH 03055-4872 for stamps.

Kett's Koin Kastle, 820 Wagon Wheel Rd., Oxnard, CA - for material for prizes.

Mystic Stamp Co., 9700 Mill Street, Camden, NY 11316 (color U.S. catalogs, stamp collecting kits).

U.S. Postal Service - for production of the cancel and approval of its use.

Ventura County Star, PO Box 6006, Camarillo, CA 93011 - for design a stamp contest, publicity.